Ty Dolla Sign – ‘Hottest in The City’

Ty Dolla Sign – ‘Hottest in The City’

Ty Dolla Sign continues to build waves for his upcoming new album with a new single, ‘Hottest In The City’.

Ty recently revealed that his album has a mix of various sounds including Gospel music and that ‘Ego Death’ with Kanye West is one of the planned singles.  Ty seasoned Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer

Beat the pussy like I’m Joe Jackson (Yeah, ho)
Lick that pussy, stick that pussy, that’s the total package (Yeah, ho)
Pretty brown skin geeked, late for all her classes
‘Cause we wasted half a hour gettin’ head in traffic (Yeah, ho)
Made it rain on her, now that pussy extra splashin’ (Yeah, ho)
In that thang soakin’ wet, I forgot my jacket (Yeah, ho)

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