Timz – If(Davido Cover) 

If cover by Timz

Download Mp3: Timz – If(Davido Cover) 

In this track Timz pours out his heart with the use of Pidgin English well garnished with Yoruba language to produce a melodious and beautiful piece, all for the love he has for a woman.

Its an unconditional love song for a girl; Girl rewind that backside like say na cassette o… Lets do one or two… Squeeze you baby like a pillow. (He is probably talking about having sex with the lady)…

I no go leave you because I place no one above you… If I tell you say I love you, my money, my body na your own o baby… 30billion for the account… Versace and Gucci for your body… I believe at this point he wanted her to know how much he will spend on her if she agreed and he doesn’t really mind spending his entire life savings on her.
He even promised to take her around the world, flying where ever she wants to go.

If na me, you don talk too much sha, some of us ladies might see it as bragging and just forget about the bobo.
But for the adventurous gang, we will definitely dive into it and access the offerings. Abi I talk lie?

In all, beautiful piece of work here; The choice of languages used is just the right choice.

Download Mp3: Timz – If(Davido Cover) 

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