Cardi B Wishes She Were Dead In Alarming Message

Cardi B Wishes She Were Dead In Alarming Message

Cardi B Says ‘I Wish I Were Dead’ In Alarming Message & Fans Send Her Love & Support

Fans are stressed over Cardi B after she tweeted and erased a concerning message with respect to her life.

Cardi B’s fans are agonizing over the rapper after she tweeted early today, “Wish I was dead,” and afterward immediately erased the disturbing message. She later appeared in uplifted spirits, however, posting her image ified youth picture of herself. One client answered, “OMG I thought she was Aretha [Franklin],” about the photograph of youthful Cardi.

The rapper answered with a straightforward “Lmao” (in spite of the fact that, with some extra “o’s”), and that was the degree of her Twitter nearness today. In any case, she may have been worn out – Cardi just performed the previous evening at the California Mid-State Fair, wearing a blue bodysuit and thigh-high boots. Cardi flexed about the show participation the previous evening, posting a news cut early toward the beginning of today about selling out the show.

“Ain’t with the politicking with ya I don’t needa vote , I sell tracks that these shows Need for seating rows 💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️I HAD SO MUCH FUN TONIGHT,” Cardi captioned the post.

Her tweets from a couple of days ago seemed like she was in a good mood then, too. She retweeted someone saying, “If you don’t like @iamcardib that’s ok, hating her for almost everything is plain stupid af lmao.” Honestly, we have to agree.

The performer also spoke about her acrylic nails and retweeted pics of her and husband Offset, 27, on her Twitter account. We hope everything with Cardi is okay – but if not, we’ll be sure to keep you all updated. We’re Team Cardi, 100 percent, over here“Blow My Mind”!


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