Cardi B – Press

Cardi B Press
Cardi B Press

Cardi B Press

Cardi B has been on a feature run as of late, most recently with DJ Khaled’s ‘Wish Wish‘ and Offset’s ‘Clout‘. But today she puts things back in gear for her own music.

Press” is the first new solo Cardi B song of the year, following up 2018’s runaway hit Invasion of Privacy, which won her the Grammy for Best Rap Album.

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Cardi B Press artwork: the provocative rapper posed completely naked and handcuffed while being escorted into a courtroom as she’s being swarmed by a crowd of photographers. In another promo snap, Cardi is seen grinning and holding her cuffed wrists up to her neck, in a reference to female serial killer Aileen Wuornos, whose photo she previously shared on Twitter.

Even though Cardi used her killer curves to promote her explosive single, she is now recovering from recent cosmetic surgery procedures because certain complications forced her to cancel or postpone a bunch of shows. DJ Khaled – Father Of Asahd Album

Said that you ’bout it, we know that you not
I’ma pull up on bitches as soon as I drop
Bought a new foreign, I might cop a yacht (Skrrt)
Bitches in my business, they tryna plot (Woo)
Hoes poppin’ shit like they hot but they not (No)
Just flooded the wrist, the Patek, the watch (Woah)
Niggas be flexing, we know what you got
Cardi done had got the game in a knot
Fuckin’ your nigga, I got him on lock
This go bang bang like I’m choppin’ them chops
VVS chain, I’m in love with the rocks (Woah)
You said you gon’ take it, bitch, you got me chopped (Woah)


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