At Meeting Of The Bosses: Drake & Rick Ross Sip Red Wine

At Meeting Of The Bosses: Drake & Rick Ross Sip Red Wine

Drake & Rick Ross Sip Red Wine At Meeting Of The Bosses

Drake and Rick Ross have gathered a strong normal discography, fixed with tracks like “Ruler Knows” and their most recent joint exertion “Money In The Grave.” With the last setting itself as one of the year’s pre-summer bangers, the couple has a great deal to celebrate, anyway neither one of the players is presumably going to break character in the other’s quintessence. In this manner, the social events among Drake and Rick Ross will by and large be overpowering in gravitas, as often as possible conjuring imagery of Tony Soprano eating with Silvio Dante and Paulie Walnuts. Accordingly, the “Group Ties” Drake such an extensive amount the time articulates.

Given that the two men have amassed no inadequacy of respect and assets, the relationship isn’t far-expelled. Before long, the pair have decided to association up for a social occasion of the minds, concentrating on the mafia topic by technique for their picked devouring spot. Or on the other hand, at the end of the day, the kitchen. Together, the “Money In The Grave” associates taste a container of Luc Bellaire while discreetly foreseeing their first course. It’s murky which subjects lined the docket, anyway one can simply picture game plans of various natures were discussed at lengths.

Do you consider Drizzy and Renzel as a piece of the game’s most extreme associations?


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